New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer

A new stylish little 3D printer for the user that needs something that looks as good as it prints, check out the New Matter MOD-t 3D printer for a treat.

MOD-t 3D Printer Full View

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Isn’t it cute?  It’s small, it’s stylish and that is by design.

The creators over at New Matter have engineered a product to use as few parts as possible and still be as capable as you would need.  Thus you end up with a product that has less possibility to have issues as the number of parts involved are reduced.

This little gem is wireless enabled, allowing you to print and select from your phone, tablet or laptop computer.

The MOD-t 3D printer is ready to print out of the box and supports PLA filament.  There is one spool of the New Matter pink filament included in the package so you can print right away.

The clear cover allows you to protect the print area.  It also keeps hands and fingers away from the hot surfaces.  At the same time it reduces noise from the printing process.

MOD-t 3D Printer Angled View


Support for STL files allows you to upload your prints and control them via their online interface.

If you are into having a stylish 3D printer for your home, Check out the MOD-t 3D at Amazon for the latest price and any available discounts.