Sindoh DP200 3DWOX 3D Printer

The Sindoh DP200 3DWOX 3D Printer is a fully enclosed 3D printer that is easy to setup and operate.

Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 Printer

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The 3DWOX is an all-in-one 3D printer is reminds you of a traditional 2D desktop printer.  It’s enclosed nature allow you to have less noise and a safer operation environment.  Coming from Sindoh who have made 2d printers for many years, you can tell they were very interested in getting the thoughtful and accessible side of the 3D printer right.  I think they have succeeded.

To load the filament just insert the cartridge.  Since it’s that easy, you will have time for more drinks!  Like I said before, it makes you feel like you are just replacing the toner in your 2D printer.  Thus all the headache normally attached to threading filament through tiny feed mechanisms is gone!

Openings on Sindoh 3DWOX DP200

As you know, a level printing bed is key to have a successful 3D print.  The 3DWOX has fully assisted leveling support to allow you to ensure that your bed is flat and that it stays that way.


One of the things I love about the Sindoh DP200 3DWOX 3D printer is its connectivity.  Again hearkening back to 2D cousins… it has everything, WiFi, USB cable, Ethernet and USB flash drive.

Monitor the Sindoh 3DWOX

Finally this means you have have the printer anywhere in the house and still connect to it.  Especially relevant, it has a camera and LED lighting built in.  Thus  you can monitor the print job via your laptop or smartphone!  Amazing!

In conclusion, for ease of use, you certainly need to give the 3DWOX a closer look Check out the Sindoh 3DWOX at Amazon for the latest price and any available discounts.