Ultimaker 3 3D Printer

The Ultimaker 3 3D Printer is the latest in the line of Ultimaker 3D printers that have the ability to challenge even the highest end 3D printers on the market.

Utilimaker 3 Front View

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The Ultimaker 3 comes with dual extruders.  When you combine this with the water soluble supports you have a 3D printer that can create complex geometry that couldn’t be done on printers with lesser ability.

The heated build plate allows for smooth prints.  You will also be taking advantage of the ability to swap the hot ends simply.  It’s hard to overstate the importance of the significant features that this system allows.

The filament used by the Ultimaker 3 is 2.85mm and you can use PLA, ABS, CPE, pVA and Nylon.  And did I mention the dual extruders?  This allows you to print in multiple mediums at once!

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You can use a variety of software to power the Ultimaker 3 3D Printer.  It supports connections to Windows, Mac OSX and Linux computers.

Swappable print core for the Utilimaker 3

The file types that are available to power this impressive 3D printer are OBJ, STL and 3MF.

This is a 3D printer that should be at the top of the list for every 3D printing at home enthusiast.  Also consider it’s big brother: Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D Printer